Seeking to build character through camping, we have expanded a variety of operations across the nation to promote camping and provide exciting opportunities for all people to work together, learn from one another, and share active experiences in the midst of abundant nature.

Developing and connecting people involved in camping

A positive camping experience is necessarily accompanied by proper leadership. The National Camping Association of Japan has trained over 100,000 camp leaders, created a network between these experts, and provides a variety of learning opportunities that encourage skill improvement.

* Leadership training activities (camping instructor / camping director certification)

* Publication of leadership training materials

* Provision of learning opportunities including the Camping Academy

* International exchange through the International Camping Fellowship and the Asia Oceania Camping Fellowship

Camping in Japan today

During the hundred-year long history of camping in Japan, camping has always provided high quality learning opportunities for the leaders of the next generation. We continue to address the societal challenges of the times, and camping can be considered a mirror that reflects the era. Looking at the current state of camping and sharing it with others is an important duty of the National Camping Association.

* Holding "Camp Meeting in Japan"

* Publishing the "Camping Research" research bulletin

* Performing camping-related surveys and research

Broadly sharing the possibilities of camping

Camping is an activity based on a simple lifestyle in a natural environment. For this reason, environmental settings can be easily arranged to satisfy intentions and objectives, and camping can become an activity enjoyed by all. In order to make this possibility into a reality for a large number of people, we support camping that addresses new challenges.


Cooperation with J. League Academy activities


Cooperation toward the holding of camps for elderly individuals with cognitive impairment


Operation of the Asagiri Field Activity Center in Shizuoka Prefecture (designated manager)

Providing everyone with safe camping

Consideration for safety is essential to making camping into a meaningful activity. We work towards spreading the know-how necessary to prevent camping accidents before they happen, as well as to minimize the damage incurred once an accident takes place. Also, in the unlikely case that an accident does occur, we provide insurance coverage to all of our members.

* Provision of safety-related information

* Provision of accident insurance for camping

* Provision of leader’s liability insurance

Providing camping information

We provide information related to camping through a number of different publications and other materials including our website, our newsletter, and our e-mail newsletter. And, at our Camping Information Center, we handle a variety of inquires regarding camping.

* Operation of the Camping Information Center

* Our newsletter "Camping"

* Our website "Camping on the Web"

* Our e-mail magazine "Camping News"

* Publication of books and booklets