Camping is an activity based on coexisting with others in a natural environment. It also provides many essential lessons to be learned through real-life experience.

* Lessons offered by nature, itself

* Lessons offered by group activities and coexisting with others

* Lessons offered by living in a way that requires more ingenuity than everyday life

* Lessons offered by new experiences and adventures

Each of these experiences may last no longer than a moment, but they stay with a person and enrich his or her life without ever fading. It is our belief that a good camping experience is an environment for learning and a place for growth thoroughly and deliberately prepared under the leadership of a trained individual.

The National Camping Association of Japan was established in 1966 by youth organizations, scholars conducting research on outdoor activities, and educators from across the nation with a focus on the character-building effects of camping. We are a community of camping professionals who have produced a total of over 100,000 camp leaders.